Chimichanga Dip

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fuck all yall for exposing us like this
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Kagome, Kagome is a creepy Japanese children’s game. 
One player is chosen as the oni (literally demon, but similar to the concept of “it” in tag and sits blindfolded (or with their eyes covered). The other children join hands and walk in circles around the oni while chanting the song for the game. When the song stops, the oni tries to name the person standing directly behind them.
The game itself is alright but wait until you hear about the creepy story based on it.
It’s about how German scientists performed experiments on children in a Hiroshima orphanege to try and make them “immortal”. It’s said that they succeeded, to an extent, but the “successful” children had “strange behavior”. 
Read a brief summary of here
Read the full version here
You can also listen to an audio version (5 minutes in length) here
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Untitled on We Heart It.

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Sensei: Why do you want to learn Japanese?
Guy: I'm tired of reading subtitles.
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How we fight tall people

Vine byΒ Rudy Mancuso

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