Chimichanga Dip

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Pen & Ink. Spray paint. Digital.
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It’s here! A couple weeks ago I saw someone posting about this crazy anime cross over fighting game called “J Stars Victory VS” and I knew the moment I saw it that I had to have it 

So after like 2 weeks it finally arrived from Japan in all of its glorious majesty

I booted it up last night and tried out some quick matches vs the computer to try to figure out the controls

About 10min in my characters are jumping around going ape shit super sayain gear second , blowing up the screen and doing crazy combos and I’m just sitting here like  “What dafuq! @_@”
I’m going to have to spend more time learning the controls and getting the hang of things but so far I like it.

I’ll upload some videos soon
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stay golden, pornyboy

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Harper’s Bazaar China December 2012
Daphne Guinness
By David Lachapelle
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She just died like 17 times in that fight
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